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Pro-IT-Guys was created from the get go as a business to business IT provider. Supporting small to medium size businesses that might otherwise not be able to afford the high costs associated with an in house IT group. We go way beyond the normal IT guys by fixing the cause of a problem, and not just the problem itself.

We can also help your business save money! That’s right save money! How? That’s easy, we have dedicated staff that will visit your business in person once or twice a month and make sure all your computers are up to date with the latest and greatest security patches! This helps prevent catastrophic issues from coming up that would otherwise cost a fortune to have fixed.

Pro-IT-Guys is now offering off lease and used workstations to help you get your business off the ground!



Pro-IT-Guys is now offering Cloud and Bare Metal servers!

Web Sites

Need a web site for your business? Pro-IT-Guys have built web sites for businesses big and small, from barber shops to large construction companies!

Customer Testimony


Top Quality!
The guys over at IRIS Hosting have been taking care of my web site for years. They do great work and have always come through for us. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a web site, web site hosting or support. - Mike Ware Owner of Muscle Motors Racing